Learning Center Instructors: If you are interested in teaching a course at the Learning Center, please create an outline of your course and submit it to our board for review. Include the target age group, any prior knowledge/prerequisite(s), and any materials required for participation.

Additionally, include a brief bio about yourself that explains your interest in teaching this course and any background that supports those interests. Please provide an ideal date or timeframe and any support you would need from the board to facilitate your course. Email us at your convivence and we will respond with any additional information needed to green light your course!

Primary School Teacher: We are hiring one teacher for a mixed aged PreK-K class beginning March 2022. We are looking for a candidate who is interested in creative approaches to education that include place-based education. We will use the outdoors as a foundation to integrate learning and to create depth of understanding for all the kids. Our pedagogical grounding prioritizes learning all academic concepts through an integrative approach including social, emotional, and intra/interpersonal understanding.

Our ideal candidate has a wilderness background and an academic foundation for teaching. Candidates with music, non-English language skills, visual arts, or other area of creativity will be prioritized. Candidates should have completed, be working toward, or able to apply for licensure in Utah. Please email us to schedule a time to meet. Additionally, please provide a resume and cover letter. We are excited to hear about your visions and ideas!

Grant Writer: We are looking for someone who is interested in volunteering their time OR working at a reduced rate to help identify, organize, and apply for early education and experiential educational grants. Ideally, this person would work with the board to apply for grants. 

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