Meet the Team

Founding Board

Holly Carlson

Holly is a passionate and creative person and is the inspiration for starting our school here in the mountains with autonomy, creativity, and curiosity. Holly and her son Anders are the reason we took this leap to create Engelmann Mountain School and we are so lucky to share in her/their vision(s). Holly is an avid outdoors person, beautiful skier, Utah native, and entrepreneur. She is a coach for the local SkiMo team and go-to person in our neighborhood with talents varying from visual arts to physical movement. Holly has helped kids grow, design houses, run businesses, and is a dedicated mom, wife, and her own person. She is excited to see this school grow from an idea to a real thing!

Kathryn Dennett Carpenter, MAT, LCSW

photo of kathryn dennett carpenter as she cross-country skis

Kathryn is a practicing psychotherapist in private practice, a mother, and an educator. She has taught visual arts at middle school and high school, and she has taught psychology and clinical practices at the college level. She is thrilled to be a part of creating Engelmann Mountain School because her vision of education and nature are so aligned and she has spent 3 years growing the Silverfork Co-op academically and logistically into Engelmann with Abigail McComb and Sarah Cookler. In her free time she enjoys exploring nature, skiing, and traveling with her husband and daughter. She is excited to share her love of nature, visual arts, and thinking with the next generation. Both Kathryn and her sister Sarah grew up in Vermont in a family that ran an international girl’s camp where the natural world, physical activities, and new experiences combined to build confidence and learning.

Sarah Cookler, PA-C
Vice Chair

photo of sarah cookler

Sarah shares her time working as a Physician Assistant in a busy Emergency Department, coaching a youth ski mountaineering team, and spending time with her husband and young son in the mountains. Her love of the mountains pushed her to become a nationally ranked Ski Mountaineering athlete and she has travelled internationally to race. She loves to teach, from medical students to young ski mountaineer athletes, and even the violin. Sarah is excited to be part of the Engelmann Mountain School to help develop a learning environment for youngsters that emphasizes exploration and adventure in nature.

Grete Eliassen

Grete is a 6-time X Games medalist in slopestyle and halfpipe skiing living in Brighton, Utah with her two small boys. She was born into a Norwegian/American family and graduated in “frifluftsliv” (Free Air Life) from Oppdal Vidergaende Skole in Oppdal Norway. She moved to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah where she graduated from the David Eccles School of Business. Grete wants to make sure her children have a similar outdoor lifestyle and the experiential learning she experienced in Norway. Therefore, she is actively involved with the Engelmann Mountain School as a parent and a school board member.

Board Members

Sam Wittke

Sam is a part-time manager for a vacation rental company in the Wasatch mountains, an aspiring writer, and a terrain park worker at Brighton Ski Resort. He spends almost all of his time in the mountains and loves to teach and learn. He studied literature and film at the University of Utah and loves kids. He is excited to be a part of Engelmann Mountain School, and believes that it offers one of the best education models to help children engage with one another in a unique way, as well as cultivate aspects of character and creativity that are so often neglected in the world today.

Student representative 

Anders Carlson 

Anders is the student liaison for our board and helps us see the school from the perspective of the student. He is a widely creative kid whose skills vary from cooking to blacksmithing to inspiring the younger kids in the neighborhood to ride bikes, be kind to one another, and love the natural world. After leaving public school, Anders’ curiosity has flourished and we see first-hand how, as humans, we all want to learn. He is an inspiration to us all and we are so lucky to have his ideas on the board. 


We look forward to continuing to fine-tune our team as we grow!

Private School Principal and Curriculum Developer

Kathryn Dennett Carpenter, MAT, LCSW
Bio Above

Private School Health Director

Sarah Cookler PA-C

Bio Above

Pre-K Teacher

Abigail McComb

Abigail has lead the Silverfork Co-Op for 2 years, showing that the Engelman Mountain School model works! Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, she will join our team as the Pre-K teacher. With over two years of experience counseling at-risk adolescents in Wilderness Therapy, Abigail brings compassion, empathy, and enthusiasm for the outdoors to her instruction. She studied Music Therapy at Appalachian State University where she served children and adults with neuro-atypical and developmental disabilities. While originally from western North Carolina, Abigail spent five years of her childhood living in Heidelberg, Germany. Through this experience, she developed a strong appreciation for cultural diversity, differences, and equality. Abigail enjoys teaching to the child’s interest and fostering curiosity and learning through nature, adventure, and music. In her free time, Abigail enjoys road and mountain biking, skiing, backpacking, baking, and creating music. She is an avid proponent of honoring LNT principles and taking care of Mother Earth. She is delighted to share and enhance the child’s experience through the beautiful opportunities that the Engelmann Mountain School cultivates.

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