Take to the Slopes

Wednesday can only mean one thing this winter… ski day!! The kids at Engelmann Mountain School embrace the Wasatch winters. This includes hiking up and down to school everyday through the fresh snow. But on Wednesdays, they all get excited when drop off includes putting their skis, boots, and helmet into the sled for the walk up the hill. It also means that after lunch and rest time they get their gear on and head out the door to ski some laps.

This year the Engelmann Mountain School coupled with the Brighton Ski School for a custom 12 week ski program. This program was designed with the EMS philosophy in mind, including small class sizes, integrated learning, and fun! Not to mention the ski in – ski out location of the school.

The kids literally put on their boots in the classroom and stepped into their skis outside the door. A snow walkway that grew throughout the season guided them out the door and onto the path that they skied through the trees and down to the lift to meet their instructors. Consistent instructors helped create a wonderful learning environment for all. We can’t forget the valuable parents and grandparents that were always there to also help the little ones on and off the lift and out of precarious places!

With a total of 24 hours of instruction this winter, along with their weekend free ski days, these little kids are well on their way to being great skiers! Their technical skiing improved drastically with parallel turns, side slipping, herring bone, and self sufficiency. They also learned mountain etiquette and safety while out skiing. And most importantly, the life time love of skiing in the mountains!!

Keep your eyes out for these little rippers!

Instructor Sharon holds their attention in the moguls
From the classroom to the slopes

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